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Business License Online Renewal

Most business licenses can be renewed online. Renewal notices are mailed (or emailed if you have provided us with an email address) prior to the expiration of your business license. You may update your contact information during the web renewal process. If other information pertaining to your license has changed since your last renewal, you may need to renew by mail, email or in person. For more information regarding the Business License Tax, please refer to the City of Sunnyvale Municipal Code Chapter 5.04.
You will receive your new business license in the mail shortly after completing the online renewal process.
Enter the characters in the picture below.
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Account #
Enter your business license account #. This number can be found on your renewal form in the upper right section.
Enter your online renewal pin #. This number can be found on your renewal form towards the upper left/middle of the renewal form. Click here to have the PIN emailed to the primary contact's email on file.